So here is the list of the best frameworks you can easily get started with and is going to be the future of web applications.

1. Angular

         The 1st place in our list of Best JavaScript Frameworks goes to Angular. Angular is the best front end framework used for making single-page applications.
These single-page applications are made using simple HTML and TypeScript. Today Angular is used for developing large-scale projects in big companies.
Angular is one of the most secure JavaScript frameworks used for developing applications. Currently millions of websites are using Angular including Microsoft, IBM, and Google.
Component-Based Architecture in Angular saves you a lot of time and also provides consistency for larger applications.
According to me, Angular is the best framework for the future of Enterprise-Scale Applications.


  • AngularJS property of data binding and dependency injection eliminates your work of rewriting the code again.
  • Its main advantage is that it is managed by Google so the developers can have a relief that they will be provided with complete support.


  •   Since it is used for developing large scale applications, its implementation can be difficult for the developers, as it has high-level functions to be managed.


The 2nd spot in the list goes to ReactJS. One of the favorite JavaScript Framework of most developers.
It is an open-source front end JavaScript Library that was created by Facebook. React introduced a Component-Based Architecture for creating interactive UIs and mainly for developing single-page applications.
React’s concept of ‘Virtual DOM’ that only renders components that have changed instead of rendering the whole page. It uses simple JSX syntax. Many big companies like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and many others are built using React.
  • Its key advantage is that it ensures faster rendering of data on the webpage.
  • It reduces your workload of writing the code again and again, with the help of components. Virtual DOM makes the user experience better.


  •  The main disadvantage of React is that it covers only the UI layers of the app and nothing else. And also you must have deep Javascript knowledge for implementing React, and most of the developers aren’t comfortable with the JSX.


The 3rd rank in our list goes to VueJS. Vue.js is an open-source front end MVVM or model-view-viewmodel JavaScript Framework developed by Evan You in 2014 and is used to develop interactive User Interfaces(UIs) and Single Page Applications.
It is written in JavaScript and TypeScript.Its main goal is to provide UIs that are as simple as possible.
Vue.js is a more lightweight JavaScript Framework as compared to ReactJS and AngularJS.
Vue.js has gained more popularity in 2020 and is considered one of the best.


  • The main advantage of Vue.js is that it is simple to understand and implement.
  • Also, its Integration is simple and because of its small size, it can make your application load faster as compared to applications built using other JavaScript  Frameworks.


  • One of the major disadvantages of Vue.js is its lack of support for developing large-scale enterprise-level applications.
  • Another disadvantage is that the development team of Vue.js is small as compared to that of Angular and React.


    The 4th spot in this list goes to EmberJS. It is an open-source JavaScript framework used for developing single-page web applications.
 Ember is a full-stack framework that supports the development of large-scale projects. While in comparison Vue.js does not support the development of large-scale projects.
Ember and Vue both these frameworks have gained more popularity over the past two years. The ecosystem of Ember is quite large.


  • The main advantage of Ember is that it can be used for developing large enterprise-scale applications and it also has some amazing features you can try.


  •  The main disadvantage of using this framework while comparing it with React and other javascript frameworks is that  Ember.js lacks the reuse of components at the Controller level.
  • It is overblown for small projects and is most opinionated out of the other frameworks.


The last JavaScript Framework on my list is ExpressJS. It is open-source software under MIT.
Express is used as a back-end web application for Node.js and it is used for developing web applications and APIs. It facilitates the rapid development of Node-based applications.


  • The key advantage of Express is that it helps the faster implementation of Node applications.
  • Using Express you can perform additional tasks such as request and response. And is easy to configure and use it in your by customizing.


  • It reduces your performance when working with heavy computing tasks.
  • And also it does not provide real-time updation of data as supported in other frameworks such as React.
There are also some other frameworks that are also gaining popularity day by day. Some of this is Three.js, Babylon.js.
 Here Three.js and Babylon.js use WebGL rendering.

3D JavaScript Library


Three.js is an open-source, lightweight cross-browser JavaScript Library and API (application programming interface) that supports Canvas, SVG, CSS3D, and WebGL renderers and is used to create 3D animated computer graphics using WebGL.
WebGL(Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API that allows web browsers to render 2D, 3D graphics without installing any extra plugins or third-party plugins. Threejs simplifies the WebGL API.


D3.js (Data-Driven Documents) is a JavaScript library for creating dynamic, interactive data visualizations in a web browser. It is considered to be the successor of the Protovis framework. Protovis is a javascript framework full of visualization components like bars, line graphs, and other common building blocks.
D3 creates visualizations by binding data and graphical elements to the Document Object Model (DOM). Companies like Accenture, Coursera is reported using D3 in their tech stacks.


Scene.js is an open-source WebGL based 3D JavaScript library used for creating animating websites. It allows you to create a chronological order of movements and positions of objects.
Also, Scene.js is easy to use, since its grammar is similar to CSS animation and it supports both JavaScript and CSS play methods. Scene.js can control multiple animation elements at the same time. You can create simple animations and complex animations using these libraries.

FAQs on JavaScript Frameworks

Which is the latest Javascript framework?
  • The latest Javascript framework is Aurelia. Aurelia is a front-end framework for developing desktop, mobile applications. It is a collection of Modern javascript modules. Aurelia is an open-source framework under MIT. It is written in JavaScript and includes features such as data binding, dependency injection, templating, etc.
Is it good to learn javascript in 2020?
  • If you want to succeed in web development, you have to learn JS. Most professional developers prefer Javascript over any other language.
Which javascript framework should I learn first?
  • If you are starting to learn any framework you should start learning React. React is the future of front end development as it is easy to understand and implement.
Is jQuery a JavaScript Framework?
  • No, jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal as well as event handling.

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