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Three.js is an open-source, lightweight cross-browser JavaScript Library and API (application programming interface) that supports Canvas, SVG, CSS3D, and WebGL renderers and is used to create 3D animated computer graphics using WebGL.
WebGL(Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API that allows web browsers to render 2D, 3D graphics without installing any extra plugins or third-party plugins. Threejs simplifies the WebGL API.
It was released by Ricardo Cabello in April 2010, and the recent stable version of which came in March 2020. Three.js was previously written in ActionScript then ported to JavaScript language. The source code of this library is hosted in a repo on GITHUB                                       
Most of the three.js projects we see involve real-time 3D graphics which includes interactions of the users. For doing these 3D animations math is required, Three.js comes with its own math library which consists of specific classes for 3D math.
If you have Node.js and NPM set up on your computer you can easily import this by typing a command in your command prompt:  npm i three
And if you prefer YARN over NPM you can type: yarn add three
You can, of course, build a game engine and use three for rendering, and for building blocks of the engine. Online IDE’s with built-in support for Three.js is available on the Internet.

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