Difference between AES and DES in cryptography

AES and DES are both symmetric-key cryptographic algorithms, in which the sender and receiver both use a single shared key for both encryption and decryption.
AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard DES stands for Data Encryption Standard
First published in 1998 First published in 1976
The key length can be 128-bits, 192-bits, and 256-bits The effective key length is 56-bits
In AES, the number of rounds depends on key length: 10(128-bits), 12(192-bits), and 14(256-bits)  Uses 16 rounds of Feistel structure
The structure is based on the substitution-permutation network The structure is based on Feistel Cipher
The rounds in AES include Byte Substitution(SubBytes), Shift Rows, Mix Columns, Add RoundKey The rounds in DES include Expansion, XOR operation with round key, Substitution, and Permutation
AES can encrypt 128-bits of plaintext DES can encrypt 64-bits of plaintext
AES was designed by Vincent Rijmen, Joan Daemen DES was designed by IBM
AES is more secure than DES DES is known to have vulnerabilities. 3DES is the secure variation of DES
AES was derived from the square cipher DES was derived from the Lucifer cipher
No known crypt-analytical attacks against AES Known attacks against DES include Brute-force, Davies attack, Differential cryptanalysis(DC), and Linear cryptanalysis(LC)

Advantages of using AES algorithm

  • Can be implemented in both hardware and software.
  • Uses variable key length such as 28-bits, 192-bits, and 256-bits for encryption.
  • Most widely used security protocol all over the world.
  • Very much difficult to hack.

Advantages of using DES algorithm

  • The effective key length is 56-bits, thus there are 256 possibilities of the key.
  • Requires the same key for both encryption and decryption.

Which is more secure AES or DES algorithm?

AES is more secure than DES as it allows you to choose between 128-bit, 192-bit, 256-bit key making it exponentially stronger than DES which uses a 56-bit key.
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